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Protecting the high ecological and cultural values of Busby's Flat

This project contains sites with very high conservation & cultural values in Busby's Flat. A number of threatened species, including Yellow Bellied Gliders, Koalas,Giant Barred Frogs & Barking Owls found on the sites & 4 Endangered Ecological Communities, are being threatened by the invasion & establishment of the exotic vine Cats Claw Creeper, lantana, a WONS, among other environmental weeds. A key feature of the forest Floodplain communities is the relative abundance of very large trees. The threat of intense wildfire cannot be over estimated. Such an event could decimate the biodiversity values through local extinction particularly of hollow dependent species and those reliant on Banksia nectar as a winter food source, such as squirrel gliders. The domination of Lantana across parts of the site has the potential to greatly increase the intensity of fire. One property contains a number of ‘scarred’ trees which may potentially be of aboriginal origin as well as old ‘stepped’ stumps from earlier European timber harvesting activities. These cultural items are also highly vulnerable to destruction by fire. Community capacity building will help to maintain these sites into the future.

The aim of the project is to protect and enhance the ecological and cultural significance of 4 sites by undertaking on ground bush regeneration work, planning and implementing appropriate fire management and community capacity building. Weed control will target Cats Claw Creeper and Lantana along 4.5km of creek to protect the habitat of threatened species such as the Giant Barred Frog. Fire management planning, weed control and mosaic patch burning will be undertaken in 43 ha to protect the habitat of threatened species such as Yellow Bellied Gliders & Koalas from an intense wildfire and the threat of Bell Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD), a key threatening process.The desired outcomes are the recovery of 52 ha of high conservation value native vegetation including the protection and enhancement of 10 threatened species and 3 Endangered Ecological Communities. The reduction in the extent, density and number of environmental weed species, including WONS will be achieved. The risk of a wildfire and BMAD on ecological and cultural values is reduced. Landmanagers will be up-skilled in the tools and techniques of bush regeneration, monitoring and planning and implementing appropriate fire management for biodiversity.


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